Best Lawn Mowers 2021 – Top 10 Reviews (Updated)

As nature trembles at the wrath of mankind, there still are people who continue to plant trees and grasses around their house to keep the beauty of nature intact. Planting a seed or even installing grass isn’t an easy task.

One needs to take care of the deeply rooted grass and the other plants so that they get proper nourishment. One important aspect of looking after the plants and weeds in the garden is to properly mow the entire lawn so that the grass is of specific height that in turn helps it is growing beautifully and healthily.

In 1830, Edwin Budding invented the revolutionary machine known as the lawnmower. This machine used a cutting cylinder, similar to the cylinder that was used to provide a smooth finishing to a weaved cloth, in order to smoothen the surface of the grass. That is why our experts are going to walk you through the best lawn mowers in 2021.

The Best Lawn Mowers in 2019Initially, the concept was hard to approve; however, once it was, there were better designs that were invented. Sports arenas, banquet halls, tennis courts, lawns outside houses, anything that has a surface of grass, requires a lawnmower.

These machines are used in order to make the surface of the grass smooth and to keep it equal in height. Since 1832, many companies have emerged in the manufacturing business of this magical equipment; however, Honda holds the number one position in the top 10 list of this invention.

Due to the fact that the invention of lawnmowers dates back to the 1830s, it is difficult to keep track of the improvements made in this area. The most modern lawn smoothening device consists of steam-powered lawn mower which is why they are light in weight as well as produce less noise pollution.

Best Lawn Mowers 2021

EGO LM2102SPElectric Self-Propelled Latest Price On Amazon
Makita XML02PTX1Cordless Latest Price On Amazon
Snapper 82V CordlessWalk Mower Latest Price On Amazon
Sun Joe MJ401EElectric Latest Price On Amazon
Greenworks PRO80V Cordless Latest Price On Amazon
CRAFTSMAN21-in Gas Latest Price On Amazon
Husqvarna TractorRiding Lawn Mower Latest Price On Amazon
GreenWorks 25142Corded Mower Latest Price On Amazon
Fiskarscheap Latest Price On Amazon
Honda3-in-1 Variable Speed Gas Latest Price On Amazon

Features of high-quality land mowers

The first question that would pop in anyone’s head about this invention is, what factors determine if the lawn mower is actually the best?
Some of the factors are:

• Engine type and source of energy: Corded, battery-powered, gasoline motor and mechanical motor are the type of lawnmowers based on the type of engine and energy source. Best amongst these is the Gasoline mower because it is more powerful, lasts longer, and can be used for large areas.

• Drive systems: Front wheel, Rear wheel, four-wheel, and manual mowers are the type of lawnmowers based on the drive systems. Four-wheel is the best as compared to the others because of its efficiency and power.

• Cutting units: Cylinder, Rotary, and air bad are the cutting units that mowers have. The best amongst these is the rotary mower because it can be used for any type of terrain as well as landscape.

• Power: Gasoline or power are the two energy sources for lawn mowers. Gasoline as a source of power is more reliable as it can be used for a longer time.

Which is the best based on the above factors?

Based on several factors such as terrain, width, and length of the arena or lawn, the height of the grass and the usability, once can either choose a self-propelled lawn mower or a riding lawn mower.

Self-propelled lawn mowers are reasonable, powerful, easily portable and more reliable. The best part about this is that you don’t have to invest a lot in order to beautify your garden because most of these mowers come at an affordable price range. Riding lawn mowers look like small trucks and are a little pricy.

The reason it is more expensive is that it gives you the ability to comfortably sit on the mower like a driver, and ride the entire arena or garden while it gives the grass underneath, a cutting-edge look.

The motor is powerful but the battery needs to be changed every 30-45 minutes. It has to be maintained; however, most of these trucks come with built-in cleaning facility to remove moisture and dust.

Also, they are easier to use but aren’t environment-friendly such as the self-propelled electric ones as well as the manual ones that do not emit any gas or fuel and run smoothly.

Based on the above factors, the Top 10 Lawn Mowers in 2021 are:

1. EGO LM2102SP – Best Electric Self-Propelled Lawnmower

Ranked on No. 1 on the top 10 list, this mower uses electric self-propelled energy source. This means that you don’t need gas or put in any efforts to maintain it. It is foldable which makes it portable as well as eligible for easy storage.

You can start the engine by simply pushing a button and use it with the help of a single lever. Adjusting the height of the lawn mower is also quite easy.
It is electric which makes it more suitable for the environment because of zero emission. When mowing the garden, you can be relieved that you are preserving your lawn as well as the environment.
Due to the fact that it is self-propelled, it does not consume much power which makes it affordable. Moreover, the engine does not make a lot of noise which is why it is also known to have a quiet performance.

  • 1. Consistent performance
  • 2. Portable 2. Inadequate suction
  • 3. Quiet
  • 4. Minimal Maintenance
  • 5. Battery charges in 60 minutes
  • 1. Servicing and Warranty

2. Makita XML02PTX1 – Best Cordless Lawn Mower

Makita XML02PTX1

This extreme product from XPT has the facility to protect the machine from dust and moisture. This ensures that it lasts longer. The capacity of the delivery of the built-in motor is a whopping 3,600 RPM. It is easily adjustable and can capacitate 13 gallons of grass.

The two batteries that come with this product are powerful with the battery having a power of 5.0 Ah and 18V LXT. Once charged, you can use the mower for 30 minutes without any interruption.
It is best suited for larger areas such as sports arenas, tennis fields, etc. Due to the fact that it has a good amount of grass storage facility, it can be used for a longer time without having to change the bag.

Some of the best features of this product are:
• Runs on power, no fuel emissions, and easy maintenance
• 30 minutes of run time after charging
• Easily adjustable lever
• Has a cutting width of 17”
• Powerful battery and a dual port quick charger

  • 1. Inclusive of grass catcher bag
  • 2. Powerful battery and charger
  • 3. No emissions
  • 4. Has a grinding performance
  • 1. Plastic front and rear wheels
  • 2. Not recommended for large area

3. Snapper 82V Cordless – Self-Propelled Walk Mower

This is a new generation of walk mower where you can simply walk the machine around the garden in order to cut the grass. The reason why it is No. 3 on the list is because of its self-propeller program.

The powerful 2Ah batteries can run continuously for up to 45 minutes. The mowing deck is made of steel which makes it easier to maintain and is of 21”. The batteries are provided along with a charging dock and the mower in its entirety is durable, efficient and has a smart load sensing technology.

Load sensing is the technology where the machine detects the size of the grass and then adjusts the cutting size accordingly. It does that automatically. In a snapshot, we can say that it has a powerful brushless motor, one push start technology is quiet, and serves as one of the best lawn mowers.

  • 1. Interchangeable batteries
  • 2. Ample storage 2. Battery life affected by external factors
  • 3. 45 minutes of runtime
  • 4. Powerful motor
  • 1. Not auto self-propelled

4. Sun Joe MJ401E Electric Mower

Sun Joe MJ401E

This mower is value for money and is available for under $60. Although it is a corded lawn mower, if you are looking for the best under your price range, then this is it. It has a cutting deck that is 14” and a powerful motor of 2 Amp.
The good part here is that the cord can reach for up to 100 ft, which is more than enough for a small size lawn. It has an attached grass catcher that can be easily detached for the disposal of grass.
It can reach places that are unreachable in smaller lawns which makes it a great fit for smaller areas. It has a 3-position height control and is light in weight. While walking with the mower you can be sure that it would be like a brisk morning walk in your garden.
Also, due to its foldable feature, it is portable too.

  • 1. Powerful motor
  • 2. Easy to store
  • 3. Can be used in small uneven terrain
  • 4. Low noise, zero emission
  • 1. Corded mower
  • 2. Recommended for small lawns

5. Greenworks PRO 21-Inch 80V Cordless Lawn Mower

This one is amongst the best self-propelled lawn mower there is as it has a technology that automatically detects the height of the grass and then adjusts it accordingly.

Although this is present in other lawn mowers as well in this one, it comes with other great features too and at an affordable price. With a 4.5-star rating by more than 500 customers, this mower is known to be all electric and has 2.0 Ah batteries. The run time you get from both 2.0Ah batteries is for up to 45 minutes.
Durability and strength are some other awesome features of this land mower. The perfectly smooth body and portability make it easier to maintain as well.

  • 1. Heavily powerful motor
  • 2. Easy installation
  • 3. Brushless motor
  • 4. 45-60 of runtime
  • 5. Load sensing technology
  • 1. No automatic self-propelling
  • 2. Not recommended for thick and tall grass
  • 3. Bagging is not up to the mark

6. CRAFTSMAN 21-in Gas Lawn Mower at Lowe’s

If you are located on a hilly area and the terrain is very rugged, this is the perfect lawn mower for your uneven terrain. This self-propelled, 21” lawn mower has one push start facility. With this machine, you never have to worry about changing the oil due to the Briggs and Stratton engine that is of 163 cc. You can even adjust the speed while mowing the area.

The rear wheels are quite large which makes it possible to pace through any type of terrain. The major advantage of this mower is that it has a 6-position height adjustment and a 2-year warranty.
Now, mowing your uneven terrain won’t be a problem. Use this portable and easy start lawn mower and you will realize this yourself.

Some of the features of this mower are:
• An engine torque of 7.25
• Cutting width 21”
• Front wheel drive
• Variable speed control
• Has mulching capability
• Rear wheel larger than the front wheel
• Inclusive of engine oil
• 6 position height adjustment
• Cutting range is ¼ acre to � acre
• Dual lever adjustment
• Is bagger capable

  • 1. Top engine brand
  • 2. Perfect for rugged terrain 2. Has fuel emission
  • 3. No oil change required
  • 4. Side discharge
  • 1. Installation may be difficult without professional help
  • 2. Not recommended for thick and tall grass
  • 3. Bagging is not up to the mark

7. Husqvarna Tractor – Best Riding Lawn Mower

Listed in the category of premium mowers, this ranks No. 7 on the top 10 list of lawn mowers in 2021 . Husqvarna has always lived up to their expectations and this is one of the perfect examples of the same. With well built-in motor, known durability, and exquisite design, this tractor mower has a powerful engine of 18.5 hp by the brand Briggs and Stratton.

The beauty of this mower and the reason why it is better than the one ranked No. 5 is that it can work on even as well as on rugged terrain.

The usage has no limits which means that it is highly reliable and a good ROI product. The deck is corrosion resistant and the front axle is made of cast iron. It is a perfect example of a balanced and efficient product.

One of the most important features includes the use of induction mowing technology that helps in improving the flow of air inside the deck. The company has surely put in a lot of thought and work in creating this product that looks sophisticated but can be ruthless as hell.

  • 1. Durable and long-lasting
  • 2. Useful for all type of terrains
  • 3. Needs less storage
  • 4. Powerful performance
  • 1. A bit overpriced
  • 2. Requires maintenance

8. GreenWorks 25142 – Best Corded Mower.

GreenWorks 25142

Another top product in the field of lawn mowers by Green Works, after its PRO model, ranks 8th on the list. This runs on power and is best for smaller areas due to the fact that it is corded. Apart from this, it has all the capacity, durability and efficiency similar to the one that is No. 1 in the list.

Affordability will this one because it is value for money investment. The motor has a power of 10 Amp and a 26” stamped steel deck that helps you maneuver through rugged or even terrain. It ensures that is cutting performance is of the highest grade. Easy maintenance makes it comfortable for all type of users.

It has the functions of mulching and side-charging. Due to the fact that it runs on power and not gas, it does not create air or noise pollution which makes it beneficial for the environment as well.

Pick the 25142 model by GreenWorks if you are not just looking to beautify the landscape, but the environment too.

  • 1. Affordable
  • 2. Side charging facility
  • 3. Useful for any type of terrain
  • 4. Sensible mulching
  • 1. recommended for smaller areas
  • 2. Cannot run without power

9. Fiskars – Best cheap law mower

Fiskars 18-inch Stay Sharp

Best in class, in the category of manual lawn mowers, this machine by the Fiskars is ranked No. 9 on the top 10 list. The reason is quite simple.

It is reasonable, eco-friendly, lighter, designed for all types of grass, and is easily adjustable.
Take a brisk walk while cutting the grass and smoothening the lawn using this awesome machine. The clippings are so perfect that the bagger does not fall off until taken off.

Does not need power or gas, just a simple nudge and that is all it takes to mow your garden into a perfect landscape.

  • 1. No fuel required
  • 2. Affordable
  • 3. Light in weight
  • 4. Adjustable
  •  1. Can be used for smaller areas
  • 2. Requires manual strength

10. Honda – Best 3-in-1 Variable Speed Gas Lawn Mower

Honda 3-in-1 Variable Speed Gas

After a lot of research and reading customer reviews, Honda wins the game, again! As the name itself suggests that it is self-propelled, you can use this mower for a smart drive around your beautiful lawn. It has micro-cut twin blades and the speed can be altered as per requirement.

With 4.5-star rating from over 200 customers, this product has a powerful engine, is affordable and is a perfect example of a strong and efficient machine that runs on gasoline.

Using gasoline as a method of fuel means to ensure that you can use this mower for huge arenas and landscapes. Sports ground, large field, etc. can make use of this wonderful self-propelled machine to even the grass beneath them.

With the 3-in-1 technology that is built-in and a simplified structure that makes it easy to store, this is rated 10th under the Top 10 lawnmowers in 2021.

  • 1. Easy servicing availability
  • 2. Powerful engine by Honda
  • 3. 3-in1 built-in feature
  • 4. Useful for large landscapes
  • 1. Requires maintenance
  • 2. Installation may require professional help


Who decided what’s best?

This is one question, that always strikes my mind when I read about the top 10 list of anything. Is it even authentic to rate any product without properly checking the reviews of the customer?

No, it isn’t. Just checking the ratings and reviews do not help, in order to rate a product, you need to know the best features that make then acquire a position in the top 10 list, what customers like and do not like in the product, how efficient, consistent and reputable the brand is, and if it is pocket-friendly for almost 30% of the review population.

The above list is prepared by taking into account the above factors.
To sum it up, here are some FAQ’s related to the list:

1) What type of engine system is the best?

Ans. It depends on the terrain and usability of the lawn mower. Generally, a cordless, self-propelling mower is the one that is the best choice as it is affordable, suitable for all terrains; however, manual ones are quite inexpensive as well as eco-friendly and should be preferred.
In case you have the pocket to spend more then, Ride lawn mowers can make the job quite easy for you. The only drawback that they attract is to the environment due to fuel emission as they run on gas.

2) Which company manufactures the best Lawn Mowers?

Ans. Honda, Husqvarna, and GreenWorks are the three companies that are known by the leading manufacturers of lawn mowers. They have all engine types as well as the range is quite subtle.

3) Why does the brand play a major role in choosing a lawn mower?

Ans. Maintaining a machine is a major part of purchasing it. With reputable brands, it is not difficult to find a service center which is why the brand plays a very important role here.
Moreover, good brands always stick to their warranty period as mentioned in the brochure of the product. They ensure that the customer has no difficulty in assembling, installing, using or servicing the lawn mower which makes the task very easy for the end-user.

4) How often do the top 10 list of best lawn mowers 2021 change?

Ans. Depending on the launch of new products in this area, the list may change in the next 3 months or may not change for a year as well; however, with companies manufacturing improved versions of this machine, get us to work and preparer a new list every 6 months.

5) What are the best features that a lawn mower should have?

Ans. After a lot of study and research, it was found that the perfect mower should have the following properties:
1) 21” cutting performance
2) At least a 10 Amp motor
3) Self-propelled motor
4) Brushless motor
5) Good capacity baggage
6) Battery powered or electric powered
7) At least two 12 Ah batteries with a dual port charger
8) Easily adjustable and portable
9) In-built 3-in-1 technology
10) At least 45 minutes of runtime without having to charge it again
11) Larger rear wheels and front wheels at least 7”

Best Lawn Mowers 2021 – Top 10 Reviews (Updated)

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