Best massage chairs 2019 – Top 10 Reviews and Guides

Best massage chairs in 2019In our review for the new year, we made sure to do our research and bring you the best massage chairs for 2019 that are going to be just perfect for your home or for the office. The truth is, not many people have the luxury and time to get a normal hand massage

For this particular reason, massage chairs are created and fabricated with the latest and most advanced technology. Despite all that, massage chairs now don’t cost a fortune as they used to back in the day.

After a long and hard day at work, having a massage at the end of the day could work wonders in lifting one’s mood and giving a nice feeling. Nothing beats relaxing on the massage chair while enjoying a Netflix movie, it will absolutely give you an ultimate sense of joy and relaxation.

The chair will keep your body limber and in a good shape, and to top it off healthy. One of the things that massage chairs could actually do, is preventing back injuries and low blood pressure and even reducing stress.

Best massage chairs 2019

BrandTypeBest forPrice
Real Relaxfull bodyLow budget Latest Price On Amazon
Relaxon FullZero GravityBack and neck pain Latest Price On Amazon
Human TouchFull body and zero gravityUnder 1k Latest Price On Amazon
Real RelaxFull bodyAffordable Latest Price On Amazon
Osaki OSAll featuresAll body pain Latest Price On Amazon
INADAInnovativeBack pain Latest Price On Amazon
HoMedicsHeat chairjoint pain Latest Price On Amazon

Selecting the massage chair was not an easy task, we took a very close look at these products. Our readers also contribute as reviewers to make sure our list is accurate and up to date. the idea of massage chair fits all is actually silly, as it differs from one person to another.

There are different conditions like budget and health issues to consider before making a choice of buying a new massage chair. Here are the top best massage chairs on the market for 2019

1. Real Relax Massage Chair – Best affordable

Real Relax massage chair

In the first place, we have this luxurious looking massage chair with an impressive design and features. It has over 50 airbags with 8 massage points and 4 to preset for the automatic massage. It will give you maximum relaxation and extreme comfort whether at home or in the office.

If you are willing to start a salon for the spruce of your workers or customers alike, this one is a life saver, as it is very affordable and stylish. It was specifically made for a professional environment.

Key features :

  • Good number of airbags over 40 to use for ultimate relaxation.
  • High-quality massage experience.
  • Option to use a custom massage for your specific body type.
  • Very easy to use compared to other products with the same price.


  • Affordable.
  • Easy to adjust.
  • High-quality materials.


  • No rollers

2. Relaxon Full – Best with zero gravity

Relaxon Massage chair new 2019

In the second place, we got this high-quality massage chair which will give the most bang for your money. It actually deserves every penny spent on it due to all the features it provides to make you feel relaxed after a long day of work.

Though it’s just under 2k, it has 10 different programs to choose from, so you can specify which areas and spots of your body you need to massage, or you can just go with the full body massage feature. It’s also very luxurious looking and comfortable.

It has the automatic feature to measure the length of your spine, which will give you an amazing experience and the right massage according to your body type. It’s a great option to be used in the morning and at the end of the day.

Key specs

  • High-quality materials thus more expensive than the previous one.
  • Very comfortable sitting features compared to others.
  • Spine length measuring feature that gives a unique massage experience.
  • Budget-friendly considering all the premium features this chair has.


  • Great massage experience
  • Unique features included
  • Auto body detect
  • Zero gravity


  • High price tag.

3. Human Touch – Best under 1000

Human Touch zero gravity massage chair

This is an iJoy Massage chair which is made by the most known company in creating quality and affordable products, the Human Touch. The price is very reasonable and as expected it delivers a nice and comfortable massage experience.

It has 3 different massage therapy programs installed with it. The most places on our body that quite often need a massage are back, neck, and shoulder. This great massage chair costs under 1k, it’s a good bargain when we take into consideration the 3 programs it comes with. it also runs for at least 15 minutes.

The roller of this chair is editable and can be customized thanks to the variety of programs that allows you to have different settings for better feelings and sensations, from percussion to kneading and the rolling. Also, the reclines and the built-in armrest controls are very efficient and easy to use. this chair is definitely worth the money spent on it, not that it’s very expensive in the first place.

Key features

  • Price under 1000.
  • Three different massage programs designed to target crucial bodyparts.
  • Very comfortable due to the quality materials used to fabricate this massage chair.
  • Affordable for those running under a tight budget.


  • Nice massaging experience.
  • Three massage programs.
  • Very affordable.


  • Limited programs

4. Real Relax Massage Chair

Real Relax Full Body massage chair

This is another valuable massage chair with a very low price compared to its luxurious look for under a grand. You get this good-looking high-quality product with many features that any massage chair should have.

The Relax chair is a full body with 50 airbags!. 8 different massage points and it’s actually higher than the previous one. with 4 programs that are preset to choose from, with the extreme comfort and high-quality therapy.

The question you might ask yourself,’is this massage chair right for me?’, and the answer is, are you willing to start a salon? or you just want it for your employees’ lounge? Worry not, as this chair is very affordable and suits perfectly the 2 different choices we stated above. It’s stylish, budget-friendly, and perfect for a professional working place.

Key specs

  • Very budget friendly because it’s under one grand.
  • 8 different points that cover the whole body.
  • The preset programs are designed to deliver the best experience for different body types.
  • Perfect for those seeking to create a new salon.


  • Budget-friendly chair.
  • 4 Massage Programs.
  • 8 different massage points.
  • Covers the full body.


  • No bad reviews for this one.

5. Osaki OS-4000 – Best expensive massage chair

Osaki os 2019 model massage chair

If you are keen on getting a decent and comfy massage chair, Osaki is a leader and it has one of the most expensive chairs on the market, with ‘all in one’ feature that will absolutely make you forget about old Massage methods or chairs and switch to this one.

The company is based in Japan and a leader in robotic designs and equipment, it has been in the business for many years.

It’s the best the market nowadays with the zero gravity feature, considering how well it does the Massage with the 6 unique auto detect programs that provide high massage therapy, in addition to the ability to customize it for better blood circulation and healthcare.

5 speeds option and 32 airbags that work like many hands and fingers. Also provides kneading, clapping for ultimate relaxation.

Key features 

  • All in one feature & Very pricy.
  • 32 airbags for ultimate relaxation and comfort.
  • 6 auto detect programs to choose from.
  • Full body massage.
  • Zero gravity feature.


  • Best massage chair on the market.
  • 32 airbags.
  • 6 programs available.
  • Full body massage.
  • Zero gravity feature.


  • Very expensive.

6 INADA DreamWave Massage Chair

 INADA DreamWave chair

The Inada Songo Chair is an advanced massage chair that has just been created lately, with features no other product could compete with. It’s a luxury chair that looks like you are living in a fantasy movie, with many settings available to adjust according to your needs.

It creates a real feeling of a professional shiatsu massage therapy. Regardless of that, it actually scans your body to find out which type you have. so it can find the perfect program and the right points to target when it does the massage.

The best part about this chair is that has it 100 different types to use after scanning. To be honest, there is no denying that it gives the perfect massage therapy for a wide range of body types.

Key features 

  • Futuristic looking with new and avanced features.
  • 100 different programs.
  • Auto body detection for an optimal massage.
  • Realistic massage just like a real professional.


  • Neat and impressive modern design.
  • Innovative features.
  • Perfect therapy settings.
  • Best option for back pain issues.
  • Affordable price.


  • No zero gravity feature.

7. HoMedics Quad Shiatsu – Heat chair

Homedics massage chair

This massage chair has a heat transfer to body option which is one of a kind, unfortunately, it’s not a full massage chair as it’s just a pad. If you are not ready to spend a couple of thousand dollars to get something you might not like, then this one is for you.

Actually, this is a great model to go with, as it’s cheap and you can also place it anywhere as long as it suits the surface you want to go to.

Furthermore, like any other chair, it has the percussion, rolling, kneading and massage settings. The rolling is very gentle and tender designed to give different massage styles. The Percussion delivers fast massage and the kneading with the heat combined will deliver the perfect massage therapy for your body.

The only downside that we can talk about is the recline. The rollers are very durable.

Key features 

  • The cheapest product on the market.
  • Heat system included.
  • Nice massage therapy experience.


  • Low priced chair.
  • Heat option.
  • Very comfortable for such low price.


  • The absence of zero gravity and many other important stuff.

Why do you need to buy a massage chair?

There are plenty of reasons why you will need to purchase a massage chair and these are the top ones you need to really consider.

Replacing old furniture

There are different reasons why it makes it very easy to justify the high cost of massage models available. If you are going to buy a recliner. You should reconsider your decision because having a reclining massage chair would be a better choice to opt for.

It will be two for the price of one. Having it means you will have a comfy reclining chair to watch your favorite movies on.

Investing in long-term

If you are one of those who visits a massage therapist that often, you truly need to consider buying a massage chair for your home because it will save you a lot of cash for the next 5 years.

Having it at home would reduce the cost a lot because an average massage session for one hour only ,would cost you around 50 dollars which is really expensive compared to what a massage chair costs.

The Durability

After knowing that investing in a massage chair is the right way to deal with your financial problems. Without any shadow of a doubt, these chairs are durable and that’s why people are ready to pay 5k plus on high-quality products for long-term investments. These will be durable for more than 5 years and it can be used even for commercial purposes.

Some companies even give around 10 years for the warranty, so you can use it as long as you want. Not only that, you won’t have to pay extra whether you use it for one hour or the whole day.

The ability to customize it

There are many chairs that give you the ability to choose the right settings for you only. Which means you can target specific muscle groups or areas where you won’t feel that comfortable.

Also, a full body massage is possible which in most cases even a professional massage guy won’t be able to do for you.

Electric Massage chairs and their benefits

Here are the top benefits you should know about electric chairs:

  • Long-term investment by saving a lot of therapy sessions’ money.
  • Targeting specific muscles that hurt and make them pain-free.
  • No limits as you will be able to have Massage for as long as you want.
  • Auto body detects that is designed to select the right program for you.
  • Heat adjustment settings.
  • Numerous massage settings to choose from.
  • Enables you to do the things you love while having your session, such as watching tv or playing video games.
  • Unlike humans, it’s not prone to fatigue or exhaustion.

Most known Type of Massage Chair on the market

There are many types of these massage chairs on the market, we at 10giants wanted to walk you through the most common types that people buy and have success with. Some chairs are costing over 1k and others are only for a few hundred dollars. While the decision gets harder by having to choose between different types ,here is what you need to know before you make your decision.

The pads

These are the most affordable massage chairs to have if you are running on a low budget and it’s possible to place them on different places as they’re made to be lightweight. However, these are very known to be broken easily but there are decent and valuable models we listed above.

Normal or standard chair

You need to understand the difference between a back massage chair and the massage chair when you try to search online for it. Most search engines will provide the back massage chair with pads which you can put on an existing one.

Keep in mind when you are shopping because they are low in cost. If you are running a tight budget these types would make a good choice.

The full body massage chairs

Full body massage is what everyone actually wants to have because due to the great experience and nothing can provide such a feeling and such a therapy, even a human. For that matter, full massage chairs are the best choice to go for even if they are very expensive.

As we previously stated money spent on these type of products is a long-term investment. So having to spend 5k to even 10k is totally worth it. Most of these chairs are going to have the latest technological features and innovation that you will require for a great massaging experience.

Shiatsu Massage Chairs

The name “Shiatsu” is a traditional Japanese technical name for massage. It means the finger pressure, in such type of chairs the pressure will apply to thumbs, knees, feet, and elbows.

Portable massage chairs

If you have done your search properly, you would probably know about portable chairs which some companies wanted to invest in such products for different reasons.

One of these reasons is the small size that makes them easy to move around, and also very easy to set it up. Actually, most of the therapists own this type of chairs and they take them wherever they go, they help to adjust the user’s back to make it easier for the person to have the actual massage.

Zero gravity

The zero gravity term refers to the position the chair would take, if you have some decent information about massage chairs, in general, you would have heard about such feature.

This technology is invented first by the NASA company. The position is similar to that of an astronaut during the launch.

How to buy the right massage chair?

No one can deny that Massage Chairs are the best way to have a good relaxation and give your muscles the right treating without having to pay a professional therapist.

Even though these chairs are high in price, they can give you the solution to all the pain problems you suffer from, and provide the ultimate therapy at your home. They deserve every dime spent on them. Therefore, we will be listing the top conditions that you need to put in mind before you buy a massage chair that fits your needs and serves your demands.


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