Best Mattresses 2021 Top 10 Reviews (Update)

Sleep is essential, as we spend 8 hours a day sleeping, we need to make sure that we spend it right, and one cannot deny the importance of a high-quality and comfortable mattress in making our sleep better thus being more productive and focused during the day. So we at 10giants got you covered to find the best mattresses for 2021

Having a perfect mattress for you could make a total difference in your sleeping behavior. Knowing such a fact made us conduct research and list the best choices you could have.

When we create our reviews we list based on factors and most importantly our personal testing as we go through different products available online and customer reviews to make sure we list only the best ones.

The best mattresses in 2019

There are many brands that are competing in the industry of making good mattresses that meet customers’ demands, those we listed are the top and have the highest ratings on the market.

For that matter, the top-rated mattresses are not water or air type. However, they are still high-quality types with the best scores in all the reviews online.

After reviewing all the available products online it comes to our knowledge that these are the best beds possible to buy. Make sure to pick the right one for you.

Here are the best mattresses based on quality, performance, price, durability, and editor’s choice:

BrandBest forPrice
Laylathe best for side sleepers Latest Price On Amazon
Nectarbest under 700 Latest Price On Amazon
NolahBest for back pain Latest Price On Amazon
The Dream CloudHybrid mattress Latest Price On Amazon
CasperBack sleepers Latest Price On Amazon
The bearbest for the athletes Latest Price On Amazon
Aviyadifferent sleeping types Latest Price On Amazon
Idle sleepDouble and luxury mattress Latest Price On Amazon
The droomaVery Affordable
Avocadobest for the organic choice Latest Price On Amazon

There are many factors to consider when you first try to buy a mattress, the most important factor is your sleeping type, in the table above you can see that we provided which one is best for different sleeping positions. Not only that, you need to understand that there are major types like the memory foam, latex, and innerspring which we will go through the details in our topic in the upcoming lines.

Best Mattresses 2021

1. Layla Mattress – Best for side sleepers

Layla is the best mattress for 2021

Starting with the design as it has a very innovative look, having a dual firmness on one mattress. In fact, it also got the

Layla Mattress

copper-infused Thermometer which enables the pressure relief and keeps the mattress cool as well.


Key features:

  • The Layla is considered to be the first market competitor to add the copper technology to the memory foam mattresses with its special materials.
  • Another feature that is very important in any bed you are willing to buy is the thermogel technology which helps to keep a cool temperature all the 8 hours you spend sleeping.
  • It gives two firmness levels in one product, hence you will be able to choose between the soft or the firm model.

If you are a side sleeper, you will no longer have to suffer from shoulder pain and stiffness that are commonly caused by regular mattresses’ lack of softness and flexibility.



  • Stays cool during sleep.
  • Considered as a great choice for side sleeping habit.
  • Helps with improving blood circulation and flow.
  • Copper technology included.
  • Dual firmness in one bed.


  • The size is only 10 inches.
  • Must be flipped.
  • It does not smell very good.

2. Nectar – Best under $1000

Nectar Mattress

Nectar is one of the well-known companies that manufacture the memory foam mattress which is considered a very comfortable bed with a great price that suits many people.

  • The feeling you get when you first test it is a great support and how comfy it is.
  • regarding the price they are offering, it’s a great value for the price you pay and it’s in the top of its competitors when it comes to offering such a product with a budget-friendly price
  • high-density foam to add more pressure and comfort
  • it’s a breathable memory foam Nectar that it helps to sleep all night long cool because of the gel memory foam and the cover that is added with Tencel.

The nectar is one of supremely high quality and very affordable price, and it’s on the second spot of our top 10 mattresses for 2021 due to the multiple high-quality foam layers that are made by  great materials, even though there are higher beds to find but still this one is a luxury choice that stands out with a better satisfaction that other brands are trying to achieve

Nectar company is known for designing a medium-firm mattress with a wonderful feeling with just the right support that conciliates different sleeping styles, also a good motion transfer and cool sleeping and edge support

one of the things that we didn’t like in the other mattresses is the sinking feeling which this one doesn’t have so you will get that hug and contour of foam.

the nectar is offering a one year (365 use) warranty which is one of the highest you can find online. Overall, we highly recommend it to our readers and it’s one of the good ones to have.



  • A combination of memory foam and Tencel infused cover with a good cooling ability for better quality sleep.
  • Very affordable price for such high quality and valuable materials that other brands cannot compete with.
  • Online mattresses are not as thick as this one.
  • The cooling system stands out from other brands.
  • No motion transfer.
  • Mostly perfect for side sleepers and stomach style.
  • Replaceable even after a year of use.


  • No fast shipping.
  • Bounce is better on latex.

3. Casper – a well-known brand

Casper mattress

Casper is considered to be one of the most well-known brands in the industry that sells  the bed in a box, which provides latex and memory foam construction

Key specs

  • The Casper mattress has 3 different layers of foam: the high-density memory foam and the latex and also the regular material layer
  • It gives the choice of 3 firmness, so for it to be more responsive it includes an innerspring
  • The cooling system for this is truly great due to the cooling comfort foam
  • It has a high-density foam that is polyurethane foam which gives a great comfortable feeling and good support

The Casper company considered a new player in the market due to its lunch that happened in 2014. However, it quickly became one of the great mattresses that are being sold online.

Let’s clarify that over the years and when the Casper company started they redesigned their mattress twice and the review we are showing is based on their latest product.

This one is an all-foam mattress, which means it’s very responsive and combines the poly foam with memory foam to give a better sleeping experience.



  • Very positive reviews on Amazon.
  • Cool sleep is guaranteed.
  • Total comfort with their different foams.


  • Basically, it is a new brand and has limited reviews of it online.
  • Lack of edges support.
  • Bad motion transfer experience.

4. The DreamCloud – Best hybrid

DreamCloud Mattress

If you are looking for the best hybrid memory foam mattress that will give the highest performance at a good price. The DreamCloud mattress is ideal for you

Key features

  • Very durable due to the high materials that is fabricated of.
  • 15 inches of memory foam and supportive coils.
  • Very good sleep cooling with the technology they provide.
  • They offer a trial of one year so it’s risk-free.
  • The shipping is free.
  • The layers are supportive of different weight choices

The Dreamcloud company offers its buyers a true trial for one year so if you are a buyer that is worried about warranty DreamCloud got you covered with great quality.

It is unlikely to find such a long period of time of testing, and no doubt one of the unique mattress providers that offer such a thing.

The 8 layer hybrid bed is the best selling for which is due to the unique layers it is providing that has high-density memory foam and great support pocket coil.

When it comes to back pain, many people suffer from it. And the main reason why would someone buy a new mattress is due to this specific problem. Therefore, a good solution for sleepers is this mattress, because it has many layers that give the right support instead of forcing your body it melts perfectly with it.

The overall performance of DreamCLoud brand as a mattress creator is good, provide comfort, support and what a body in pain-needs. You will truly rest very much when you lie on it.



  • Good quality of materials gives it a longer life and durability.
  • 8 layers with cooling, cushioning, and support.
  • Better than most hybrid mattresses.
  • Very cheap compared to mattresses with similar features.
  • 365 days of a free trial.
  •  Shipping is free.


  • It might not be perfect for everyone.
  • The firmness options are not many.


5. Nolah – the best cooling mattress

Nolah mattress

Nolah is one of the best brands that are really worth listing here, it gives a very luxurious look and also a good experience. It has both options, latex and memory foam.

Key features

  • The cooling option is one of the most important features we consider while we do our reviews, so Nolah actually sleeps with cool because of the nice cooling system as the materials created are premium for the air to circulate all through its layers.
  • It mixes latex foam with responsive foam to give the bed the right support and comfort what it takes the shape of the body.

The company has not been in the mattress industry for many years. However, it has the softness and the luxury needed to make you satisfied due to the high-quality materials that give a great experience to the body.

Nolah has many special features and characteristics that make it stand out, such as the airflow technology called the Nolah Air foam with high-density polyurethane Foam. Combined they make it very comfy and supportive with the right substantial bounce.
There are sensitive spots in our body that this mattress helps with relieving the pain in those areas, as well as providing a cooler bed for quality sleep.

For people who are overweight, this is the one you have been looking for, as this mattress is solid enough to hold your weight and stay soft at the same time. Nolah made it like that to create and achieve a very comfortable mattress and sleeping environment.



  • Very soft.
  • Good for heavy people.
  • Compared to all memory foam beds it stays really cool.
  • The possibility of adopting a pet once you purchase a mattress.
  • Works great with side and back sleepers.


  • They are only 10 inches high.

6. The bear Mattress – Best for sport people

Bear mattress

One of the great things to see in a market is creating special products for special people, this mattress is for athletes and people who are very active during the day.

  • It’s a model that is only sold online to provide a high value compared to online sellers.
  • There is only one amount of firmness.
  • The motion transfer is set to a minimum.
  • High-density foam is the material used to make it along with unique Celliant Technology.

That technology is simple, it helps you to sleep cooler and also to recover faster, especially if you are a person who moves a lot and has an active lifestyle. It’s a new mattress type in the industry.

What makes it independent from the others is the graphite-gel memory foam with great Celliant technology. Which is actually the main reason to sleep cool at night. One of the bad things that a mattress could have is keeping the heat, we do totally recommend to avoid such a thing. Also, it takes off the pressure and it helps with blood circulation.

This mattress is a medium-firm and for that reason, we can recommend it to any user and any type of sleeping. It is perfect for heavy people. However, for those who sleep on their stomach, move to the next one it might not be perfect for you.



  • It provides great cool sleep.
  • It helps with blood circulation plus it eases off pressure and pain for those who have joints issues.
  • The Celliant technology is designed to keep the heat out of the bed and also provides very good airflow.
  • Decent support from sellers.


  • The price is not perfect for everyone.
  • The trial period is nothing compared to the Layla’s.

7. Avocado mattress – Best in the organic latex

Avocado mattress

Another eco-friendly mattress that provides very unique features that combine durability, comfort, support and pressure relief with a Dunlop latex.

Key specs

  • The Avocado uses only natural materials.
  • If we compare the durability to others, and due to its 13 inches. it’s very durable.
  • 2 firmness possibilities to make a choice from and also you can get a pillow from the same company.
  • Guaranteed sleeping cool nights thanks to its natural materials in the layers.

Is this bed worth the money spent on it? We definitely believe so, if you are facing any kind of health problems or worrying to face any. You can’t go wrong with this one.

In terms of having the right balanced and supportive surface, the mattress does not sink too much and it provides good support. The bed has a medium firmness and it gives the right pressure to the spine and back.



  • A Euro pillow added for more comfort.
  • Very high-quality materials that are 100%  natural.
  • Replacing your old mattress requires no fees.
  • Eco-friendly.


  • Still expensive compared to other brands.

8. Idle sleep mattress – the best in the luxury type

Idle sleep mattress

This is one of the best mattresses you can have in the market, some may ask why we listed it at the bottom of our list. Simply it’s very expensive and many people won’t be able to purchase it. They have very quality features and amazing support with the right comfort.

Key specs

  • It’s a two-sided for more durability.
  • It performed very well due to the premium materials.
  • Pressure relief and cool support for the foam.
  • Trial test available for 120 days.
  • Shipping is fast and free.
  • Warranty is for a lifetime.

The idle mattress doesn’t create a type of bed to target specific customers. They have been focusing on manufacturing different mattresses so it can help increase their profits and also target more audience with premium high-quality materials.

They offer a hybrid, dual feel, all foam, and latex mattresses, it all depends on what you are looking for. For sure these are all quality, based on their life experience as it’s a well-known brand.

As far as the latex model goes, it combines the latex with all-natural materials and the coil system. The mattress is perfect for those who sleep in various positions.

The all foam type gives motion isolation and pressure relief. the firm is a good choice for heavyweight people and those who sleep on their back and stomach. The medium is for those who have a combination of sleep types.

Title Here



  • Four different types of  products to choose from.
  • Very durable and high quality.
  • Consists of two sides.
  • 12 and 14 inches high which is more reliable than other brands.
  • Super pressure relief.
  • No bad smell when you first order it.


  • No hybrid option.
  • Very expensive.


9. Aviya Mattress – Innerspring type and very affordable

Aviya mattress

3 main features we liked about this mattress, it’s a hybrid innerspring type that has premium quality materials and grants very good and tight sleep. The cost is budget-friendly

  • The Aviya provides 2 more inches compared to others, this feature helps to make it more durable
  • The edges also are what they focused on by adding 3 inches of foam, this gives more support and comfort.
  • the cooling comfort foam it has helps to stay cool during the night.
  • The polyurethane foam also is another factor for comfort and more support.

Aviya was able to put very good raw materials so it can help to bring a lot of comfort with its high-density foam and the coil system engineered to give the optimum support.

Choosing the right mattress for your sleeping type is very important, this gives you the firm, and a supportive innerspring, to target as many different people weights and sizes with different sleeping types.

Let’s talk about a problem that ruled out many products we reviewed of our list, the smell and the toxic chemical materials used to fabricate it, by using the polyurethane foam which is not harmful.

Also, it has a very good smell and you will absolutely like it.



  • Very durable due to its 2 inches extra.
  • Hybrid feature.
  • Five layers which give very appropriate support.
  • Three different choices are available for sale.
  • Smells very good thanks to the raw and Eco-Friendly materials that it is made of.


  • They have a long period of shipping compared to other brands.

10. The Drooma  – Best affordable mattress

The drooma mattress

The Drooma is specialized in creating beds online and they don’t have a real retailing store as the only place to get their products is by having them online

Key features

  • The materials are friendly for the environment as the layer at the top is a natural latex.
  • The durability is really high due to it being 2 inches thicker than most other brands.
  • As we stated previously it’s eco-friendly with a memory foam and biobased mattress.
  • There are two firmness to choose from.

One of the outstanding features is the natural materials used to fabricate this one, as long as you like a green bed at your home. This would be a good choice. Most companies use synthetic latex but the Dromma relies on natural latex and bio-based foam when making their mattresses.

Softness and a good comfort are guaranteed, especially if you are a side sleeper it will ease the pain in the joints and give you a great deal of pressure relief.

The cooling effect is what we mostly focus on when we list the products we review. The natural latex layer and the memory foam gel will increase it and you will have a decent night of sleep.



  • The cooling system  is superb.
  • Pressure relief and good comfort.
  • Mattresses are fabricated with a combination of natural and raw materials.
  • Very good and affordable price.


  • Not perfectly designed for heavyweight people.

Why do you need to Choose a Good Mattress?

Sleeping is one of the most important and vital activities we perform in our daily life. Speaking so, it means that having the right mattress is highly recommended. To maintain a healthy lifestyle and stay in a good health. Studies show that those who have a lack of sleep are very commonly diagnosed with depression, heart diseases and more. Also, stats show that one in three Americans are not having enough sleep as that contributes to lower overall health.

Defining which bed will suit you starts from the comfort and support you will need to keep your back aligned which allows you to relax. the dimensions are very important because not all people have the same size, so you don’t want to put yourself in the case where you will need to return the product to them after not feeling like it suits you.

Another factor to consider is if you have a partner or you are willing to sleep by yourself. There are different types of mattresses to choose from. Therefore you and your partner are not going always to sleep in the same position. So you will need to find the one that suits both of your sleeping positions.

Sleeping cool is another thing that one is ought to make sure the mattress has, many brands are now focusing on this one by using the fabrics to keep the heat and increase the airflow which can also help make the blood circulate easily and freely during sleep.

How to Define the Best Mattresses

Going through all the mattresses we listed, we find ourselves obliged to provide a detailed guide on how you can choose the right one for you. there are actually many factors and features to consider when you decide that you no longer need your old bed. One of the most significant factors considered by customers is the price. Which is actually a very bad mistake, because the choice should be followed by reading the following instructions.

The Movement Isolation

When you have a partner sleeping next to you, then you absolutely need a product that has the right motion isolation. This means you won’t either feel or be bothered by any kind of movement by your partner.

Sleeping experience

The sleeping experiences on the mattress you are seeking is related to the feeling when you lie on it. Some do prefer the memory foam based mattresses, others can’t stand it, so the obvious thing here is to ask yourself, what kind of feeling would you be totally happy with? then you can choose which one is suitable for you, from memory foam, latex, to innerspring.

Quality and value

Most people look at the price when first trying to buy anything. Well, we can’t actually blame them as everyone has their own budget. However, quality and value are both crucial in selecting a mattress. The question is how could we define that? The answer is durability, raw materials used to make it whether they are natural or not, the company’s history, the reviews, those are the main factors to define a valuable mattress that is worth your hard earned money.

Sleeping position

Surprisingly this factor is neglected by many reviews and buyers, it’s knowing your type of sleep. Most sleep on their side, however many sleep on their back. Make sure that you grab the right mattress for your sleeping type.

Cooling feature

When you get to sleep in a very hot or cold place, you will need to feel the right temperature. For that reason, find the mattress that provides cooling, because it doesn’t only help to provide the good cooling but also the blood will be more comfortably circulating around your veins. Define that by seeking the copper technology and the fabric cover.

Trial period

Many companies are now providing a trial period, if you don’t like the bed you bought simply return it. It differs from a company to another. If you can’t judge if the bed is good or not, then you’ll be better off going for brands who provide at least a year of the testing period like the Layla.

The history of the company

Let’s face it, older companies are way better than new ones. Experience speaks louder than anything when it comes to which company rises above the others, the online mattress industry is getting bigger each day. So make sure you pick the company and brand that people reviewed and the one that has at least 90% of positive feedback.

Eco-friendly mattress

Nowadays, beds are created by very high-quality eco-friendly materials. some companies are actually offering a 100% natural mattresses that are friendly to the environment. If you are one of those who is interested in such things, it’s likely a thing to consider.

The philosophy of our reviews

We don’t pitch mattresses based on how handsomely the companies pay us more. In fact, this is unbiased and simply we do our research based on what the market and other people are saying about these products.

Return policy

Returning a bad product is essential, assuming you bought a mattress for at least 1k of your hard earned money, and eventually, you found out that the bed is in a very bad shape and the company isn’t willing to accept any returns? how would you feel about that! so when you read our reviews make sure that the company you’re dealing provides a return policy that meets your demands and needs, also check if they have low products’ returns from actual customers.

Final talk

Going through all the products and mattresses we listed will enable you to choose the one for you, the factors to think about and to put in mind are already in our article, the first and last advice we’d like to give to our readers is taking the time to read the full reviews, and also do the right research before you make any kind of a purchase. Like reading more about the brand and seeking for those who already tried it. Also, looking for price friendly and affordable mattresses as well as higher value and quality ones.

Other than that, please if you are having any questions, worries, or unclarities about having the wrong mattress, let us know in the comments below. We will be delighted to help, and our team at 10giants won’t stop providing value along with our journey. Also, we’d appreciate if you share our article around the web.

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Best Mattresses 2021 Top 10 Reviews (Update)

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