Best Vacuum Cleaners 2021 (Updated) – Top 10 Reviews

Whether you’ve got a small flat or a palatial home, one thing is for sure it won’t clean itself that’s why you need the best vacuum cleaner 2021. With that being said, one of the primary goals of cleaning is to free the home from pollutants that may affect the health of the family.

Best vacuum cleaners 2019

Of course, this is why we need machines that can support us with the daily cleaning tasks, saving our time and energy so they don’t become a torment. And that’s when a vacuum cleaner machine comes in handy. However, searching for a new vacuum cleaner can be quite challenging, especially since there are tons of options available on the market and the possibilities seem to be endless.

In this article, we’re going to be breaking down the top 10 best vacuum cleaners on the market for this year. So regardless of whether you’re looking for a budget option or the best of the best we’ve got one for you. if you’re interested in finding out which vacuum cleaner works, please keep reading our article.

Here is a table that contains the top 10 selected products by our editor’s

NameBest forPrice
1. the dyson v-6For those looking for a cordless vacuum Latest Price On Amazon
2. Dyson v8Canister Latest Price On Amazon
3. Shark Rotator NV800Upright Latest Price On Amazon
4. iRobot 9802019's best vacuum Latest Price On Amazon
5. Dyson ballFor Hardwood Floors Latest Price On Amazon
6. Shark NavigatorPets and Allergies Latest Price On Amazon
7. Kenmore Elite 31 150Pet & Allergy Friendly Latest Price On Amazon

We can say for sure that there is an optimal vacuum cleaner for everyone. As it varies from one condition to another, some people have health problems and are barely able to walk, others are willing to select the cleaner based on the surface. There are many conditions and variables to consider. For that matter make sure to choose the right one for you.

We have chosen one for each category and we definitely have one for you, we make this list in no particular order so if you’re interested, this is the place to find the vacuum cleaner that works for you and meets your demands.

Best Vacuum Cleaners 2021

1. Dyson v8 – Best Canister Vacuum

Dyson Soft Fluffy Cleaner Head for Dyson V8 Models; #966489-04

It‘s one of the best canister vacuum cleaners out there, considering the general appearance of this product it might be seen as quite big. However, it will assist you to get rid of all the elements that could cause allergies ensuring that you live in a healthy and allergy-free environment. It is actually exceptionally effortless to maneuver the cleaner.

No matter where you want to go, all you have to do is click the red button at the top and it will come right off, there is a handle added to the upper part of the vacuum as well. So you can comfortably transfer it from one place to another, upstairs to downstairs.

Performance wise, the Dyson V8 kinetic exceeds all of the other vacuum cleaners on the market today.
Its powerful suction made it stand out, it‘s capable of absorbing any dirt and dust particles, no matter how deep or large they are.

It is the best option for you if you require your house to be allergy-free, and the powerful suction of the vacuum cleaner will keep your place clean anytime you desire it to be. Next up we’ve got the sharper rotator NV800 cleaners.


  • High quality performance.
  • Optimal for those with Allergy Problems.
  • Simple use with a click of a button.
  • Quite big in size.

2. the Dyson v-6 animal cordless vacuum – Best Cordless VacuumDyson V6 Absolute Cord-Free Vacuum (Certified Refurbished)

For some people having a vacuum cleaner that is really heavy with a cord could be a big hassle, especially in a big house. This is why the Dyson v-6 animal cordless vacuum can be an excellent option. This cordless vacuum is the best vacuum cleaner in terms of performance.

But it comes with a hefty price tag, however, the appropriate part is the price which originally was around 500, but now it has been dropped to 300 making it a considerably better deal. Just by looking at this vacuum, we’ve recognized the neck builds, it has the body silver clean and was narrowly built in a way to leave adequate storage space.

The low-profile build allows it to quickly enter into limited spaces and clean places, hence under the couch. It‘s easy to move and would aid you to clean your house in a jiffy, another surprising aspect to the product is that it comes with a direct drive
head with a cleaner to take out all dirt stuck deep inside along with the ability to pick up pet fur as well, the general performance is above the standards.

You‘d expect this vacuum cleaner to be an excellent option in spite of its hefty price when the product delivers quite well, you don’t think a great deal about the price and this is the case with the Dyson v6 animal cordless vacuum cleaner.

Key specs

  • Cordless Vacuum.
  • Quick and convenient cleaning.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Not suitable for everyone.



3. Shark Rotator NV800 – Best Upright Vacuum

Shark NV800 Rotator Powered Lift-Away Speed Vacuum with DuoClean (Blue)

These do not come cheap, so finally, one that falls in the middle price range and works just as good as if not better than some of the expensive ones. The rotator NV 800 is the most appropriate upright vacuum that you can find in the market right now, it is ideal for people who want to clean up their place in one go. Also, This vacuum comes in a brown color which makes it very eye-pleasing and unique looking.

The base has LED lights as well which is a good-looking touch added to this product, so it enables the user to spot hidden dirty areas and also the canister is easy to take off. Another fundamental option is that you can separate the canister from the body, transport it around, and clean other spots using various nozzles.

So not only it works well in hardwood floors, it does work on various other surfaces equally as good particularly carpets. It’s most pleasurable for people who are looking for an upright vacuum that can fit the budget and can perform well. Prices updates on this product. along with every other product mentioned.

  • An ideal upright vacuum choice.
  • One go cleaning system.
  • LED lights included.
  • Slightly expensive.

4. iRobot 980 – Best for the 2021 year

iRobot Roomba 980 Robot Vacuum with Wi-Fi Connectivity, Works with Alexa, Ideal for Pet Hair, Carpets, Hard Floors

There are times when you have so much on your plate, and you just can’t find enough time to clean the house. The task that’s left behind in most cases is house cleaning, for people with such issues, the most reasonable option for them is certainly a robot vacuum cleaner.

These cleaners can be a little heavy, but they get the job done almost perfectly,. And they do all the cleaning for you, the design of the iRobot 980 products is fantastic. It’s an upgrade from its traditional version which was obsolete looking, the product is built with one spinning side brush and two rotating main brushes.

It comes with brown color along with black details on the sides. It is equipped with a variety of features. Most importantly allowing the users to connect the egg robot using Wi-Fi connection so you can simply download the app for the cleaner, and control the robot from your phone.

It has a good suction power as well, enabling it to pick up dust and dirt thus providing an efficient cleaning out. The robot isn’t an enormous hassle either, it comes with a carbon boost which you can use when the cleaner is working on the rogue.

This boost allows it to remove all the dust stuck deep inside a carpet. It’s ideal for people who have busy schedules and are not able to do the house cleaning task.

  • Efficient auto cleaning system.
  • Wonderful design.
  • Reliable dust suction.
  • Heavy cleaner.

5. Dyson ball – Best Vacuum For Hardwood Floors

Dyson Ball Animal 2 Total Clean, Purple

Sometimes you need the cleaner that’s good for everything, like carpets, hardwood floors, couches, curtains or whatever requires cleaning.

If you want an excellent vacuum for hardwood floors, we recommend the Dyson ball multi-floor upright vacuum cleaner because it never affects the texture of the floor. This vacuum cleaner also functions well for any surface in the house. In fact, it targets people who are looking for only one product to clean the entire place.

Whether you have a tiles carpet or a hardwood floor, this cleaner can handle both with equal convenience, it might look confusing and heavy. But that couldn’t be any further from the truth, as it can be comfortably carried around from one place to another. In addition, It comes with various attachments as well, allowing you to clean other narrow places in the house, pet hair won’t be a pain any more thanks to its powerful suction that leaves nothing behind.

It has the dirt collection capacity of 55 gallons, which means that you will not need to empty the dirt more frequently. Furthermore. it doesn’t matter how much debris or dirt is present on the floors, it will be ridiculously easy to clean. This vacuum cleaner is available at a relatively higher price.

The overall performance is pretty astonishing, this cleaner is the best for people who just want one machine to take care of the entire house from top to bottom regardless how messy it is.

  • Can clean up different things and surfaces.
  • Optimal for hard floors.
  • Huge storage (55 gallons for dirt).
  • Decent performance.
  • Pricy product.


6. Shark Navigator NV356E

SharkNinja Navigator


Shark vacuum offers one of the most versatile cleaning experiences you can get in a vacuum. Thanks to its lightweight, design, nifty lift away feature,  and the ability to effectively clean both carpets and hard floors. It is very similar to Dyson vacuums but with a cyclonic and bag-less design. But the canister of the vacuum is removable and can be lifted away so you can take the vacuum practically anywhere.

It’s perfect for cleaning ceiling fans, drapes furniture, upholstery, and stairs. The court is 30 feet long and the hose stretch is about 9 feet, which should be plenty and long enough for most people. We’re also big fans of its dust away hard floor attachment, which uses a microfiber pad that’s washable and reusable to keep your hard floors shiny, and free of dust and dirt.

This shark cleaner also includes a dusting brush, a crevice tool and a pet power brush that will come in handy. in tandem with the suction hose for cleaning away pet hair on furniture and ground in dirt from carpets.

We like that the dustbin opens from the top and the bottom, so you can easily clear hair or dust bunnies from either side.

Allergy and asthma victims will appreciate that it has an advanced seal and a HEPA filter that trap 99.9% of dust and allergens even better. The shark vacuum includes a five-year warranty,  overall this vacuum offers exceptional cleaning performance and experience for a fair price.


7. Kenmore Elite 31 150 – Best for those having allergies or pets

Kenmore Elite 31150 Pet & Allergy Friendly

For homes that primarily have carpets, we recommend this bagged upright vacuum from Kenmore company. When it comes to thick carpets, most other vacuums struggle at sucking up thick pieces of dirt and other debris. But this one sucks everything up like a magnet, even if you have shag carpets.

With five different carpet height settings, you can adjust to any height you desire, In addition to three powerful motors to pull and remove dust, dirt, and debris from the deepest fibers of carpets. Moreover, the vacuum comes with a number of accessories including a telescopic wand and a thick bristles that comes in handy when cleaning pet hair from the couch. We also love that it has lights on the front and a built-in sensor that illuminates areas when you miss a spot when vacuuming.

Weighing at 20 pounds, the vacuum is heavier than most its counterparts, therefore it is difficult to move it around especially downstairs, fortunately, it’s self-propelled so you can move with minimal effort without straining yourself. Additionally, the vacuum is certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, and it uses a HEPA filter to remove 99.97% of pets’ stubborn fur as well as dust found in your home. So it’s a great pick for allergy sufferers.

This vacuum does a job better than most its rivals when it comes to picking up and cleaning dirt, even if you have very thick carpet, for a cordless vacuum we’d stick to the Dyson’s v8 unless your house is palatial, massive, or

has acres of deep carpets, not that the v8 struggles with carpets at all, you only clean it once per month but for those in smaller houses or flats, or people who don’t clean often due to the lack of time,  this is the only vacuum you’ll need . Obviously, the cleaning

power is noticeably boosted over the v6 battery makes life slightly better, you get normal suction settings between 25 and 40 minutes of cleaning and those times still don’t sound amazingly lengthy. Last and not least it’s

certainly advisable to plug the Dyson v8 in to recharge after use, thankfully that’s not a hurdle due to space economical wall dock.

Why you should keep your house clean

I wanted to add this section about why you actually need to keep your house clean using the vacuum cleaners. when thinking about a clean home as a teenager you don’t really care.  you’re like: “it’s my room nobody else comes in here if I have no problem sleeping on top of piles of dirty clothes ” well, when you get older you start to care a little bit more because your friends are going to come over, and seeing your home in such a mess will definitely give them a bad impression about you, health and behavior wise.

If your house is a disaster, they’ll be afraid to use the toilet, lie on your couch, or sit on chairs,and just imagine if your friends have allergy problems, they’ll probably never step foot on your house again, so it’s important to keep your house clean and allergy-free by doing one really good cleaning session at least once a week and then maintain that cleanliness throughout the week. Then you don’t have so much work to do due to dirt and dust piling up on your house’s floor or furniture.

Cleaning your house will save you time

Every once in a while your dog is gonna get into your medicine or purse and turn the carpet neon paint. But except for that,  it should be really easy to keep your house clean every once in a while.

Things can sneak up on you without you noticing,  you have a bad couple weeks because you’ve been busy or away, you just kind of come home and randomly throw things down, and that’s okay too. But just a reminder one Saturday morning you’re going to wake up and you’ll only have two hours and a half hours to get ready for the day, and you have to clean your messy house during that time.

Probably you broke or sprained your wrist and you’re having a problem even putting two socks together, how in the world are you going to clean the disaster that is your living room? A place where you are supposed to eat or sleep in tonight. Maybe you have kids and they can actually develop allergies from dust, pets fur, dirt name it

History of vacuum cleaners

In 1907 James Spangler had a tough job,  he was the night janitor at a department store.  But there was a big problem,  Spangler had asthma and the rugs were very dusty. It was a terrible environment for him to be in, every night he would burst of coughing, it was described simply as fits of coughing and it meant that 10-15 minutes of his time was sitting down on the floor struggling and trying not to cough up blood,  the early nineteen hundreds was harsh for anyone who had asthma ,dust was everywhere on the streets and  sidewalks,everything was literally dusty and dirty.

So people’s shoes and boots brought a lot of this dirt into the department store,  the carpet sweeper itself was a primitive brush on wheels with a dustpan. It only made things worse for someone with bad lungs,  Spangler was desperate to develop something better than the usual cleaning method as there was no such a thing called vacuum cleaners.

Mr. Spengler dreamed big and he really dreamed of becoming a world-famous inventor,  Spangler was not famous but he had already invented some interesting devices.

He had patents for a grain Harvester and of the Lassa peed wagon but he hadn’t made much money from either idea, once you invent something the next thing you have to do is sell it. And the real problem lies in there because he wasn’t a natural salesman, he also naturally didn’t have the funds to be able to manufacture things that he invented.

so he was stuck doing menial jobs,it was basically labor for hours to get some cheap pennies in return,  but all those hours working night shifts gave Spangler a lot of time to  think about different things, he was always working as any  inventor’s mind, he used to think about the smallest of  problems and how he would find ways to solve  them or make them easier.

First thought for creating a vacuum cleaner

Then one night it suddenly dawned on him the ceiling fan was powered by a small motor,  but what if the motor could be used to power a carpet sweeper and make pushing and pulling easier and that is how the first idea for a vacuum cleaner came up.

as he unscrewed the fan blades took them off and set the motor into the carpet sweeper, and where the blades were he took a leather belt and put it in figure eight to the brush power propelling the brush.

Spengler found that adding a motor made the sweeper a lot easier to push. However, it created more dust than ever, so it  kicked the dust straight up out of the  machine into the air which he had to  breathe

Dust container is needed for a cleaner

Spengler then needed to design something to direct and contain all the dust, something such as the blades from the ceiling fan he enclosed a smaller version of the blades in a tin box that was attached to the sweeper the motor.

Rotated the brush and beat the dirt from the carpet the revolving blades then sucked the debris upwards straight into a pillowcase that Spangler had found in a linen closet.

This time the empty signal was when the fan motor blew the pillowcase off the back of the machine through the back pressure, he needed to make a few adjustments so he kept using the department store as his test laboratory.

He gradually started to perfect it, he would make the fans out of a different shade, then he would make the opening different, and so night after night after night it started to really work and he could see the cover come back to the carpets. Spangler had invented the electric carpet sweeper which is called today the vacuum cleaner.

What he came up with in that department store cobbled together from bits, and things that he had in that janitor’s closet are still today the perfect way of getting a  carpet completely clean oh you missed a spot. in August 1908 James Spangler sold his invention to a relative William  Hoover and we’ve been hoovering our floors ever since then.

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Best Vacuum Cleaners 2021 (Updated) – Top 10 Reviews

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